Our strength lies within our reliable and efficient logistics base, providing our customers and partners with the assured efficiency and reliability in wholesaling and retail distribution.

It is very crucial that delicate perishables such as seafood are packaged in the proper way to ensure that the quality and freshness of the products are maintained at the highest level. At Oceanwide, we employ the latest state-of-the-art technology to facilitate packaging with hygiene as our number one priority. We also conduct regular quality checks to guarantee that not a single step is compromised and that excellence in quality is upheld.
Oceanwide is also very focused on wholesale and retail aspects. Equipped with our very own distribution warehouse, our experienced personnel are able to differentiate the products into their respective categories before dispatching to the various destinations. This speeds up the process, optimising the entire workflow and ensuring that our retailers receive the products in the shortest time possible, which in turn translates to fresher food for the consumers.  
Our Mission:  
We aim to provide superior service in terms of distribution and packaging, facilitating the process of making available ready-to-cook seafood without compromising the freshness.  
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